RIP Lloyd Cowan

18th January 2021 – A week ago, I was told the shocking news of the passing of my coach Lloyd Cowan. There has not been a moment since then where I have not thought about him. The sadness I feel is indescribable.

Lloyd was a unique master of his craft, selfless to a fault, passionate and above all committed to his athletes. His passion for coaching was limitless. His energy to pass on his knowledge could not be contained. He could spend the entire day at the track coaching elite, club athletes, and school kids. I chastised him once for his very undiscriminating approach to coaching and he responded: “Chris, everyone has a dream. Who am I to get in the way of that?”

He coached with his heart and had a humility that ensured he had love and time for others regardless of their standing. He made it his purpose to uplift and encourage at any opportunity.He was truly a rare find. Lloyd and I made a formidable pairing.

I was always proud of Lloyd as a coach and I continue to be incredibly proud of what we were able to accomplish together – our successful partnership spanned 14 years, and in that I was able to reach heights people could only dream of. The respect we had for each other was profound and we were team work at its finest. We rose and fell together, his joys and sorrows were mine and mine were his. He was a constant safe haven and I could trust him even during the most perilous of situations, where he would promise me that as long as I turned up to do the work, he will get me through. When he did not know how, he would use all his best efforts to find a way, such was his commitment to his role as my coach. The world was always brighter when he was around. He told me to walk like a champion even when I didn’t feel like it and to never drop my shoulders, my gaze or my standards for anyone. Without Lloyd, his guidance, coaching, love and respect I would not have been the athlete that I am and for that I am forever humbled and grateful. His influence and charisma was far reaching, all thoughts of Lloyd are accompanied with a smile. No doubt everyone will have a funny story of Lloyd and his shenaningans. Keep telling those stories, keep his memory alive. RIP Lloyd.